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1stSmoke.com is designed to provide fair and unbiased information about various substances people use to burn / smoke or inhale. Smoking can be done for many reasons including recreational use or part of rituals.

Worldwide, the most common method of smoking is the use of cigarettes. Cigarettes are considered two forms, industrially manufactured and the more old fashion version of hand rolled from loose tobacco and rolling papers. Beyond the popular cigarettes, other forms of smoking are bongs, cigars, hookahs, and pipes.

In addition to forms of smoking is the product that is smoked. For example, in far fewer numbers people around the world do smoke some rated legal and illegal drugs such as cannabis and opium. Crack cocaine, heroine and other substances classified as hard narcotics are also smoked by some people.

Regardless of the product smoked, smoking is considered to be addictive.

Today, it is estimated more than a billion people worldwide smoke cigarettes. Obviously, smoking is not something new or is it new to our generation. Approximately 5000 BC is the first recording of several cultures using smoking in religious ceremonies.


History shows during the European exploration of the Americas, the practice of smoking tobacco spread quickly as the explorers returned to the remainder of the world inhabitants.

Peoples opinions of smoking have varied widely over the centuries, from sophisticated - vulgar, euphoric - deadly, tranquil - hazardous, holy - sinful and a lot more.

Within the past few decades, smoking has been viewed in a very negative light. Numerous medical studies have shown smoking is one of the leading causes of diseases such as heart attacks, lung cancer, stenosis, chronic pulmonary disease and multiple birth defects.

Because of the extensive documented health hazards associated with smoking has caused many countries to establish anti smoking bans, and several taxes on tobacco products. As these bans grow, many countries, states, cities have instituted no smoking in public buildings.

Over the past four decades smoking within the United States has dropped approximately half among adults. Age of consumption varies throughout the world and this will be a topic of heavy discussion for many decades / centuries to come.


This web site does not encourage or persuade any person to start, stop, modify or alter their preference about smoking. The purpose of this web site is delivering quality, non bias information and the various services / products / tools to help or hinder smoking. The only personal opinion ever expressed at this web site is we feel smoking is an adult decision and anyone under the age of 18 should not be associated, tempted, or have any access to smoking materials of any type.

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